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Dragon Age: Is Flemeth really Andraste?

"And yet I was wrong, so very wrong. She is no blood mage; no abomination; she is not even truly human".- Morrigan (Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt DLC)
"Maybe I am a Dragon"- Flemeth (Dragon Age II)

Many people are under the impression that Flemeth is an Old God. They are clearly wrong, as when you "kill" Flemeth in Dragon Age: Origins, your Warden doesn't die as well. Some people believe she is one of the original Tevinter Magisters, which is proven false when you see that Corypheus was tainted by entering the Golden/Black City in Dragon Age: Legacy. Today I will be exploring the theory that Flemeth is actually Andraste, the Bride of the Maker.
  • The first similarity between Flemeth and Andraste is that they were both Fereldan-born, and both married to a man in power. Flemeth being married to Bann Conobar Elstan of Highever, and Andraste to the barbarian lord Maferath. 
  • Both of them talked to a supernatural being, be it a spirit or the Maker.  
  • Both of them were extremely powerful Mages
  • Perhaps when Andraste was burned, her soul was preserved in a similar way to Flemeth's "rebirth" in the Dragon Age series, originating the cycle of Flemeth being reborn.
  • Flemeth seeks the uncorrupted soul of an Old God. Perhaps this is Andraste, trying to restore the Golden City
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, there is a cult of dragon-worshippers who believe Andraste was reborn as a High Dragon. Flemeth can shapeshift into a High Dragon.
  • Flemeth seems to have the gift of prophecy, (shown in the opening of Dragon Age II, and when she forewarns King Maric of the Blight in The Stolen Throne) and Andraste was the prophet of the Maker.
  • The Dalish elves seem to revere Flemeth (shown partially in Dragon Age II, and she is aware of it). They also revere Andraste, as she helped Thane Shartan free them from slavery.
Of course, there are people who believe she is the Maker himself, a Dalish god (possibly Fen'Harel), or simply an abomination or powerful blood mage. There's even a theory that she is Morrigan from the future, who gives birth to Sandal in the Deep Roads in the past.

We will have to wait for Dragon Age III to find the truth about this terrific, well-written character.

Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. Bride of the Maker, Dalish Goddess or crazy old woman?

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